Monday, July 8, 2013

Slow Down!

This weight loss experience been quite a journey!
* The food hasn't always been my favorite but I've grown to like it.
* It isn't exactly cheap but I can't put a price on my health.
* I do feel hungry sometimes but I know it won't be like this forever.
* It seems like I've doing this for a long time but the weight loss has been FAST!
* My motivation was originally just to not let my hard-earned money go to waste. However, I lost 3 pounds the very first day and that made me want to see how far I could go. 
*I wanted something that worked quickly and this has been ideal for me.
* I've learned that water is crucial! I drink 100 ounces every day. 
I no longer workout though.
When I signed up for the Mud Factor 5K, I started training with a C25K (Couch to 5K) app. It was hard at first but I really learned to enjoy my morning run. I also did Zumba or some form of cardio every night. But I started to notice that the weight on my scales was staying the same.
This chart shows my progress from week to week:
Notice the place I have circled.
That was during my C25K training.
The Take Shape For Life plan is made for people who don't have time to think about dieting. All the guess work has been taken out of what/when to eat. The amount of calories I eat in a day (between 600-900) simply isn't enough to sustain extra expenditures of energy. It put my body into "fat storage" mode: hanging on to everything it could to survive.
As soon as I quit running, I started losing weight again.
So, I'm trying to stay focused on my goal weight.
I WILL run again.
Just. . . later. =)
BTW: If ^THIS^ is your awesome work,
please let me know so I can give you props! =)
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