Tuesday, July 9, 2013

TSFL: 2 Month Results

Another month down and it's weigh-in time!
I've been on the Take Shape for Life plan for 2 months
and here are my results so far:

I've lost 25 pounds so far!
I've also lost 25 inches overall!
It's been easier this month.
Bring on the final month!
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  1. You look awesome, Im so impressed. I have 30-40 to lose to be where I want to be. I tried nutrisystem and hated the food so I did not stick to it and wasted money. What makes this different, why do you like it. Is it cost effective. The only thng I have done that works is HCG but dreading starving for a month and gagging on chicken any words of wisdom? I want these results and for the past mont I have been working out 4-5 days a month just need the diet to combine. aimiesgirls@gmail.com

    1. Thank you so much!

      Well, the food isn't always my favorite. It isn't cheap. I do feel hungry a lot. But it works, and it works FAST! My motivation was originally just to not let my hard-earned money go to waste. However, I lost 3 pounds the very first day. I wanted something that worked quickly and this has been ideal for me.

      I'm glad you stopped by! =)

  2. This week is the end of my 4 weeks 10 lbs down and 16 inches overall. 2 months left and my goal is 10 lbs a month. I really like the food a lot so that helps but I'm gonna start walking now like u do!:) I just hope I don't have to do another months cuz 300 a month is a lot Lol. Well u look amazing and can't wait to see u at the reunion.

    1. You're rocking it! Isn't it nice to lose? =)
      I'm pretty excited for the reunion! Can't believe how old we are!!

  3. Good job! You look really great:)

  4. It's kind of a pain in the rear but it's working! =)