Thursday, July 18, 2013

Cardio Plateau? Add Weights . . . and Music!

Have you hit a cardio plateau?
Add some weights!
"Women generally fall into two categories: those who build muscle easily, and those who don’t." said Belinda Benn, trainer and creator of the Breakthrough Physique home fitness system. "If you build muscle easily, she suggests emphasizing high-intensity exercises. If you develop muscle slowly, you’ll benefit from spending more time on heavy lifting." {source}
So, what exactly are "High-Intensity Exercises"?
A great example is Circuit Training: a 20-30 minute workout that alternates light-weight lifting with bursts of cardio. Curves gym uses this type of training. I've also discovered a DVD you can do at home called "Workout: One-On-One Training with Jackie"
(get it at Target for $9.99) that is AWESOME!
"Heavy Lifting Exercises" typically consist of doing fewer reps with higher weight.
For instance, do 8 reps per set with a 15 pound weight instead of 15 reps with an 8 pound weight.
You'll need to work up to heavier weights, though. Start by increasing your dumbbell weight slightly and gradually work your way up.
Whichever category you fall into,
I like music that's up beat when I run {check out my list here}
but I want something more intense for weight lifting.
However, those kinds of songs are either redundant (on everybody's list)
or they have foul language or it's both! Not my style.
Here are my Top 10 songs for weight training.
Some you've seen before, some may be new but
all songs are radio ready; no bad language. =)
1- Fort Minor: Remember the Name
2- Breaking Benjamin: Blow Me Away
3- Linkin Park: Papercut
4- Fall Out Boy: Light 'Em Up
5- Imagine Dragons: Radioactive
6- Digital Summer: Just Run
7- Alter Bridge: One Day Remains
8- Creed: Bullets
9- Korn: Coming Undone
10- Avenged Sevenfold: Afterlife
What motivates YOUR workout?
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