Monday, July 22, 2013

Brain Boosts for Remembering Names

I often meet new people at work.
They're always nice and friendly.
They introduce themselves by name.
And I completely forget it . . . like, instantly.
It's gone.

So when I run into them again, I just say stuff like,
"Well, hi there!" Or if it's a child they are now
known as "Sweetie" or "Dude".

This is not a good habit for a teacher to have.
Here are 5 ways I found at Psychology Today
that help me remember names:
A person's eyes don't change much as time passes.
Perfect example: Disney's Beauty & The Beast. At the end, when The Beast is changed back into a prince, Belle recognizes that it's still him by looking into his eyes.

Create a connection in your mind with the name and one of the person's traits.
For example, there are 2 sisters, Rachel & Emily, at my school that look so much alike (to me) that I often mixed up their names. They didn't like that very much. Everyone should get to feel like (and be identified as) the individual they are. So, I made up in my head that the sister with the Longer hair had the longer name. I never had a problem again!
{Here's hoping she never cuts her hair!}

We tend to remember things better when we see them written down.
So if at all possible, study the names on your class list, guest list, or interview panelists.
That's why "Hello, my name is. . . " stickers are so popular!

Quiz yourself on familiar faces, like celebrities, to build your brain power.
I often find myself spending most of a movie thinking, "Where have I seen that guy before?!"
I'm actually one of those people that likes to watch the credits. It's helps me put names to faces.

When stressed, the body releases higher levels of cortisol (aka: the stress hormone),
which does the opposite of the same hormone in small doses: it hinders memory retention.
Maybe that's why I can't remember my own child's name when I'm trying to give
a meaningful "spontaneous lecture".
 I'm looking forward to using my new strategies when school starts in a couple of weeks!
How do you boost your memory?
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