Thursday, January 29, 2015

Easiest Fruit Dip EVER!

This fruit dip is the easiest, and one of the healthiest, dips ever!
It only takes 3 ingredients and about 3 minutes to make.
Using Chobani yogurt adds a serious protein kick to this sweet treat.
Here's how I do it:
1 blueberry Chobani yogurt
1 strawberry Chobani yogurt
1 8oz. container whipped topping
Mix yogurt in their respective containers to blend the fruit in them well.
Combine yogurts and whipped topping in bowl and stir together.
Be sure to check out more amazing dishes made with Chobani here!
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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Giant Krispie Kisses @ East Valley Mom Guide

My January post is up on East Valley Mom Guide!
Just in time for Valentine's Day:
Giant Krispie Kisses!
It's a great gift for teachers, co-workers or yourself!
Get the full instructions HERE.
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Saturday, January 24, 2015

33 Bacon Recipes

The Super Bowl is just around the corner and what better
to celebrate that famous pigskin than with
Here are 33 bacon recipes for your enjoyment:
Let's get this party started!
Bacon Wrapped Mini Sausages from Desert Now, Dinner Later
Bacon Cheddar Fries from Katie's Cucina

Creamy Corn Confetti with Bacon from Mel's Kitchen Cafe
Cream Cheese Bacon Bites from Chocolate, Chocolate and More
Gourmet Bacon from Around My Family Table
Bacon Cream Cheese Roll-ups from My Life as a Mrs
Bacon Wrapped Tater Tots from Recipe Girl
French Toast Bacon Bombs from Pillsbury via Oh, Bite it!
Cheesy Bacon Bombs from Oh, Bite it!
Bacon Cheddar Crackers from Jo and Sue
Maple Bacon Waffle Bake from Betty Crocker
Bacon Pancake Dippers from Lady Behind the Curtain
Bacon Grilled Cheese Roll Ups from Spend with Pennies
Bacon Wrapped BBQ Meatballs from My Pinterventures
Bacon Crackers from Debbie Doo's
Bacon Cheeseburger Crock Pot Dip from Recipes that Crock!
Sweet and Spicy Chicken Bacon Wraps from 101 Cooking for Two
Grilled Bacon with Steak Sauce from Food Republic
Bacon Wrapped Cheesy Stuffed Jalapenos from Sally's Baking Addiction
If you'd like to add some sweet to your savory, try one of these:
Maple Bacon Apple Bread from Sugar Blossoms
Spicy Caramel Bacon Popcorn from A Cozy Kitchen

Bacon Wrapped Cinnamon Rolls from Today's Mama

Mini Bacon Apple Pies from White Lights on Wednesday

Maple Bacon Shortbread from Closet Cooking

Dark Chocolate Bacon Bark with Sea Salt from {I Love} My Disorganized Life

Pancakes 'N Bacon Cookies from The Cozy Apron

Candied Bacon S'mores from {I Love} My Disorganized Life

Baked Maple Bacon Doughnuts from Shutterbean

Now, which one do I want first. . .
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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Basketball Valentine's Box

This basketball themed Valentine's box is so easy to make!
It's even easier than the Minecraft box we made a couple years ago.
My boys aren't big into Valentine's Day but this box
{used to hold all the cards and candy being handed out by classmates}
actually won an award and was pictured in the yearbook!
We used the Phoenix Suns colors and layout since we live in Arizona.
1 - I started with a shoebox - I happened to have a purple one on-hand.
2 - Then we Googled images for the floor ("Phoenix Suns court"), the audience ("Phoenix Suns fans"), and the scoreboard ("Phoenix Suns jumbotron"). My son picked the ones he liked and we printed them to fit the dimensions of the shoebox. We also printed the Suns logo for the outside of the box to cover the shoe info.
3 - Next we used hot glue to attach a small basketball hoop we got at the dollar store.
I printed his name on it so his friend's would know which box was his. And that's it!
It was a huge hit with kids trying to score points by making their Valentine's for Dallin into the basket. Hope it inspires you and the fellas at your house for the upcoming holiday!
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Monday, January 19, 2015

Preserve Your Story with a Custom T-Shirt Quilt

I love everything about this product!
What a great way to preserve memories. It would be perfect for a graduation gift, a missionary going-away present, even just a way to preserve your t-shirt collections (concerts, marathons, travels) in a uniquely useful way.

Check out their website here:
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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Happy Sunday: Blooming

I feel like I'm making progress since my last bout with comparison.
I just need to remember that I'm the only "me" there is and make the best of it!
Happy Sunday, sweeties!
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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Top 10 Posts of 2014

Here's look back at my most popular posts of 2014.
Some I was really hoping would do this well and some really surprised me!
Here's to a great year!
Some friends and I threw a party for my Bestie's little man.
A great way to keep kids busy on a long trip.
Freakin delicious combination of already awesome foods!
What was your favorite show?
An amazing round-up of peachy perfection.
A fun new tradition for the Holidays.
Quick and easy way to create a stunning a wreath.
Whip out a dozen of these beauties in no time.
Because everyone works hard in education!
A great way to start a Saturday!
Thank you for joining me.
I really appreciate my sweeties!
Can't wait to see what 2015 brings!
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