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Wild Horse Pass Resort & Ko'sin Restaurant

The Stud and I had an opportunity to experience the
In a word, WOW.
Prepare for picture overload!
The second we walked in we were impressed with the art, architecture and detail.
It was beautiful!
This welcome sign, written in Pima, greeted us at the entrance. We were told it means,
“Friend, welcome to my home. It is good to see you. May the Creator be with you.”
 I love that.
I love the significance that the Pima and Maricopa cultures place on the beauties of the earth.
Just look at this ceiling:
It's gorgeous! I was so taken by the beauty that was displayed in everything
from tables, to lamps, to stair finials.
Every detail was so well thought out.

We were excited to eat at the newly-renovated Ko'sin restaurant located on the ground floor.
The room is warm, open and inviting. The west wall is all windows so we could see the rain and
watch the clouds moving along the Sierra Estrella Mountains.
Our server, Curtis, was so friendly and well-spoken.
He started our meal off with a Braised Pork Belly Risotto.
It was delicious!
The pork was tender and flavorful. The risotto was creamy and rich.
I absolutely loved it!

Our next course was a fresh green salad.
We both chose the Farm Greens salad made with locally grown vegetables. The tomatoes were perfectly ripe and sweet. The carrots were crisp and the cucumbers were refreshing.
It was a nice, large portion!

 For the main course, I chose the Bacon Wrapped Buffalo Meatloaf.
It was heaven on a plate! Even the presentation was stunning.
The meat was so full of flavor and the agave tomato glaze that accompanied it was so savory
it literally makes my mouth water to look at this photo!

My husband {aka: The Stud} chose the Beef Short Rib & Gnocchi for his main course.
He said (more than once), "I could eat this every day!"
The ribs were as tender as the gnocchi, which had an amazing texture. The pearl onions were sweet and paired well with the pecorino cheese that was sprinkled all over the dish.
Absolute perfection!

We both agreed that it's
one of the best meals we've ever had.
It was very filling though so we took our dessert to go.

We took a short walk around the grounds after dinner.
The fire pit located west of the main building was awesome!
It's an outdoor bar in the evening. By the size of the groups we saw there, they kept the servers busy the entire night. Such a cool setting!

Our room was cozy yet pristine. The bedding was comfortable and the linens were fresh.
Again, the art in the architecture was wonderfully unique.
Bringing elements of the earth into the décor is so beautiful to me.
The details in this place are amazing!

We enjoyed our dessert for a midnight snack.
Unfortunately, I was enjoying it so much that I forgot to take a picture first!
So, here's the last of our Corn Cheesecake.
 It was divine! The cheesecake was perfectly cooked so the texture was smooth and creamy. Just above the crust is a layer of sweet corn and the slices were topped with caramel and popcorn.
It was an unlikely pairing that was rich and decadent and so delicious!

It rained all night, which added to the peaceful quality of the resort.
 As I sat out on the deck in the morning, I noticed that the soft sounds of a Native American flute could be heard.
What a brilliant way to meld tradition with modern-day!
We warmed ourselves by the fireplace in the main hall before breakfast .
It was the best way to start the day!
We dined at Ko'sin again for breakfast.
The Chef started our meal with this delicious Breakfast Fry Bread.
I've grown up eating fry bread (my Grandma Scorse called them "belly sinkers") in a variety of ways.
This is the most unique presentation I've seen and I loved every single bite.
The warm bread is layered with refried tepary beans, eggs and bacon and topped with cheese,
sweet vine-ripened tomatoes and pico de gallo. It was probably my favorite dish of all.
For our main course, I chose the Estrella Frittata.
It's an open-face omelet made with fluffy eggs, savory ham and chipotle aioli.
I substituted skillet potatoes for mushrooms and it was delicious!
 Doesn't that look amazing?!
The Stud chose the Breakfast Tacos.
They're soft handmade tortillas filled with eggs, chorizo, and cheese.
They're topped with chipotle aioli and pico de gallo with a side of refried tepary beans.
Another fantastic dish in taste and presentation.
Everything that came out of that kitchen was every bit as beautiful as it was delectable!
After breakfast we explored the grounds.
They're just as stunning as the inside.
The waterfalls and features symbolize the significance of the Gila River
and the importance of water to the Pima and Maricopa people. 
 Around every corner we found something new and beautiful.
The entire facility is truly a work of art.
The Wild Horse Pass Resort was breath taking.
 Whether you need a couples weekend getaway, a girls night out, or
just an amazing restaurant for dinner,
this is it.
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