Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Basketball Valentine's Box

This basketball themed Valentine's box is so easy to make!
It's even easier than the Minecraft box we made a couple years ago.
My boys aren't big into Valentine's Day but this box
{used to hold all the cards and candy being handed out by classmates}
actually won an award and was pictured in the yearbook!
We used the Phoenix Suns colors and layout since we live in Arizona.
1 - I started with a shoebox - I happened to have a purple one on-hand.
2 - Then we Googled images for the floor ("Phoenix Suns court"), the audience ("Phoenix Suns fans"), and the scoreboard ("Phoenix Suns jumbotron"). My son picked the ones he liked and we printed them to fit the dimensions of the shoebox. We also printed the Suns logo for the outside of the box to cover the shoe info.
3 - Next we used hot glue to attach a small basketball hoop we got at the dollar store.
I printed his name on it so his friend's would know which box was his. And that's it!
It was a huge hit with kids trying to score points by making their Valentine's for Dallin into the basket. Hope it inspires you and the fellas at your house for the upcoming holiday!
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  1. I can't wait to help my little one make a Valentine's Day box! That holiday was always so nerve-wracking as you didn't want to give the wrong boy the wrong card!!!

    1. Haha I know EXACTLY what you mean! Hope it's stress-free this year. =)