Sunday, June 30, 2013

Top 10 Running Songs

After several weeks of running, I'm really learning to love it!
I look forward to seeing how far/fast I can go.
I see a lot of other people when I'm out; everyone has their own pace, their own style, their own system. I'm always surprised by those that can run without music. I HAVE to have music!
I don't enjoy hearing my own panting and struggling for breath; it makes me tired!
I listen to music whenever I exercise. But it has to be different kids for different workouts.
When I run, I like something upbeat; when I lift, I like stuff that's a little more intense
(check it out here).
I have everything from Neil Diamond to Usher, Led Zepplin to Super Junior and everything in between
(minus country: it does nothing for me!).
Anyway, these are my TOP 10 favorite songs for running
{in no particular order}:
1- Lenny Kravitz: American Woman
2- Gym Class Heroes: The Fighter
3- Will Smith: Party Starter
4- Linkin Park: Waiting For The End
5- Skrillex: Bangarang
6- Imagine Dragons: Radioactive
8- 2Pac/Dr. Dre: California Love (radio edit)
9- David Guetta/Sia: Titanium
10- Selena Gomez: Come & Get It
Now, what song gets YOU moving?
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