Thursday, June 27, 2013

9 Safe Summer Workout Tips

Tomorrow is supposed to be 118° here in Phoenix.
I was happy when I came across this article on with summer workout tips. I was not happy however, when I couldn't pin it because there weren't any graphics.
So here's a summary of their
9 ways to keep your summer workouts safe:

1- ACCLIMATE YOURSELF~ Get outside when temperatures are more bearable to work up to hotter times. Personal trainer and marathoner Carla Branch prepares her clients at least 2 weeks in advance for high temperature events.

2- STAY HYDRATED~ That should be a no-brainer but you might be surprised how much you actually need! Establish a habit of drinking 20oz of water 2 hours before a workout and 8 more just before you go out in the heat; then drink more every 15-20 minutes during your workout. With my diet, I drink 4 liters (135oz) of water a day and really feel the difference when I don't!

3- SLOW DOWN~ When temperatures are in the 90's (or way above!), slow your pace. Give yourself permission to take a little more time. It's ok to think healthy when you're trying to get healthy!

4- WEAR LIGHT CLOTHING~ Clothes should be light in weight to avoid generating extra heat. They should also be light in color to reflect the sun. I'm one of those people that wears sunscreen all the time! But it keeps my skin looking younger. I avoid direct sun exposure during the hottest parts of the day.

5- EXERCISE EARLY OR LATE~ Get out there early! I usually try to get my run in before 6am. Not only is it cooler, but I have more time to get other things done. BONUS!

6- ASSESS THE PREVIOUS DAY~  It isn't enough to only think about how you feel right before going out to exercise in the heat. Exercise physiologist Jaime Roberts says, "It’s very important with those who exercise regularly to take into account the physical activity, fluid ingestion, and diet of the previous day. You could be dehydrated or fatigued even prior to exercising," which happens faster on a hot day. (She's from Texas so I'd take her word for it!)

7- KNOW YOUR ROUTE~ Make sure there's some shade along your way to avoid constant sun exposure. If you live in a dry climate, like the desert Southwest, says Roberts, remember that sweat evaporates quickly. You’re going to lose a lot more fluid exercising in the heat in Phoenix than Portland. And because it’s drying almost before you can see it, you don’t know how much fluid you’re losing.

8- CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR~ There are a lot of medications (RX and OTC) that contribute to dehydration. Even caffeine can accelerate the effects of dehydration.

9- USE COMMON SENSE~ Although "common sense" is no longer common, listen to your body. If you aren't feeling well, even if it's only been a half hour, get back inside. Don't choose the hottest day of the year to try rock-climbing. You want to live to play another day!

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