Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A to Z Superfoods

Greatist.com has a really great post about superfoods (including recipes)!
Here's a summary of the list:
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A- Avocado
B- Beets
C- Chia
D- Dates
E- Eggs
F- Flax
G- Grapes
H- Hemp
I- Inca Berries
J- JalapeƱos
K- Kiwi
L- Lemon
M- Milk
N- Nuts
P- Pumpkin
Q- Quinoa
R- Radish
S- Salmon
T- Tea
U- Ugli Fruit
V- Veggies
W- Watermelon
X- Xigua
Y- Yams
Z- Zucchini
Go HERE to learn more about each item.

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