Saturday, June 15, 2013

DIY: Digital Silhouettes

Here's a quick and easy Father's Day gift you can whip up in
5-10 minutes! 
{It will be our little secret!}
STEP 1: Have your child stand sideways against a solid color wall. 
STEP 2: Download the file(s) to your computer.
Using your photo modifying software, highlight and remove
the wall from the background. 
 It should remove about 90% of the wall. You may need to trace out small areas.
 STEP 3: Go to the "Brightness & Contrast" option and turn the brightness down 100%.
 I had a little color left so I just selected it and
 again turned the brightness down 100%.
STEP 4: You should have your silhouette, just clean up (erase) any stray objects around it.
STEP 5: Print onto cardstock and frame it. Viola!


  1. Wish I had known this in 1983 when I made 29 a.m and 28 p.m. KIndergarteners sit still in a chair with an opaque projector scorching us as I tried to chalk each outline onto black construction paper! Do you think photo shopping was available for the Commodore Pet with cassette?