Wednesday, May 22, 2013

TSFL: Day 15

This was not a good day for me.
Most of it was fine but an incident happened
that brought me back to a time I'd rather forget;
it brought me to memories I don't want anymore;
it brought me to tears.

I'm sure the other person had no idea
what was happening inside of me
but she didn't even stop to think.
So I came home and did what any other
true woman would do:
I ate ice cream.

Luckily I have a cool soft serve that came
with all my diet food so I stayed on track
It also happens to be chocolate! PERFECT!
I whipped up several packages so I can
eat it whenever I want!
I just scooped out my portion and froze the rest.


  1. I think most people have a memory or two that they would rather forget or something that is sensitive to them, I know that I have a few. So good for you, for treating yourself and for actually staying with your diet!