Saturday, May 18, 2013

TSFL: Day 11

I only lost .6 yesterday.
Hopefully I'll have more to report tomorrow.
Had another busy day so I wasn't able to follow
the timing exactly but I did pretty well.
I had my "lean & green" meal for lunch today
and I felt fuller longer than when I usually eat it for dinner.
I think I try that again tomorrow and see how it goes.
Today's motivation:
Ha! So true!


  1. Yes, I like that! But I love to reward myself with food:( BTW this is Brit's sister Tiffany. I just started a detox program today, hard to be restrictive. Couldn't we just be one of "those" women, that never have to watch what they eat?? Haha! Of course I would still try and watch what I ate anyways for the health reasons:)

    1. I am SO unhealthy! I would much rather each a HUGE piece of cake than a cucumber ANY day!! However, my pants don't like my habits. =)