Wednesday, May 29, 2013

TSFL: Day 22

Hello Sweeties!
I've been MIA from blogging since I'm on vacation in Oklahoma.
We come here every year to visit my grandmother.
This is the road to her house.
It's just like a storybook.
I love this place but it's HARD to be here and not eat Grandma's cooking!
We had a BUNCH of family in town and that always means a BUNCH of food.
I packed plenty of my diet meals but look at the spread I'm up against:
I was a good girl and ate my protein bar while
ignoring the diet jokes. It's all good. =)
It hasn't been easy though. I decided to
"treat" myself to diet chocolate chip waffles.
I'm not sure if it's the altitude or my aptitude but
they just didn't turn out the way I was hoping: 
I completely wasted 3 days worth of breakfast in 5 minutes.
Luckily my grandma's 30+ year old waffle iron has removable plates!
I had to soak those babies for quite a while to remove all that good stuff.
I haven't been able to drink all the water I'm supposed to.
I'm feeling dehydrated but I didn't bring enough bottled water.
I think it makes a BIG difference in keeping hunger away.

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