Thursday, May 23, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Gift with FREE PRINTABLE

Another school year has flown by.
I have LOVED my boys' teachers this year and wanted them to know it.
I searched some ideas and found a cute M&M jar at Frugalissa Finds.
However, my 5th grader's teacher doesn't like chocolate.
 I found this SWEET printable
from Simply Sprout {GO VISIT!}
that I fell in love with!
So I decided to make it with Skittles instead!
I bought a couple bags at Costco and had my boys sort the
colors into their own jar.
They looked awesome but the M&M poem no longer worked;
so I wrote my own. =)
Then I had to tweak the printable a little to match the poem.
{changed the word DAY to WAY}
^ here's Simply Sprout's tweaked printable ^
I printed the poem on the back 
and VIOLA!! 
Instant teacher-in-tears gift. =)


  1. what about BLUE in the poem!?!?!?!

    1. Each line in the poem is for each color of Skittles. Since there aren't any blue Skittles, I left it out. I did add a blue ribbon for a pop of color though. :)