Monday, May 12, 2014

DIY: Hanging Orbs

 Here's another paper decoration you can craft-up in no time:
Hanging Orbs!
I love making these! I busted out a dozen in no time once I got into a rhythm.
Here's what you'll need:
 I made 2 different sizes. The photos in first 6 steps show the small size; the other steps show the larger one but the steps are essentially the same for both sizes. I'll explain the smaller size first.
This is how we do it.
STEP 1: For small orb, cut one piece of 8.5 x 11 paper into 1-inch strips.
STEP 2: Slightly crease one piece in half to find the center.
STEP 3: Stack up the strips and in punch a small hole in the center; make sure it goes through ALL the papers. {I used a nail!}
STEP 4: Cut a 4-inch piece of wire and thread it into 2 holes of  a small button. Twist the pieces of wire together tightly against the underside of the button.
STEP 5: Push the wire through the hole of each strip of paper. Fold the wire over flat on the paper.
STEP 6: Bring the ends of each strip together.
STEP 7: Place a small piece of tape on one end of a paper strip.
STEP 8: Bring the other end of THE SAME strip of paper and tape ends together.
STEP 9: Put a hole through the tape in the middle of the 2 ends.
STEP 10: Continue taping and putting a hole in each strip, nesting them inside the previous strip. 
STEP 11: Thread another button with wire and push it through the hole in each strip of paper.
STEP 12: Fold the wire toward the inside and flatten it.
STEP 13: With one the buttons on opposite ends, you're ready to start separating the strips.
STEP 14: Split groups of strips opposite of each other.
STEP 15: Continue separating strips until you've filled-in all gaps.
STEP 16: Tie a length of fishing wire around one of the buttons and you're finished!
 The large orbs need two 12 x 12 sheets of the same paper, again sliced into 1-inch strips.
Tape 2 strips end to end make the length of the strips double that of the small orb.
Omit Step 2 and continue following the remaining steps. 
 Fun, festive, and fabulous!
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