Sunday, May 4, 2014

NEW Recipe: Bowtie Pasta Salad

Another aspect of throwing a baby shower is the food.
Aside from the invitations and decorations, I wanted to bring something I had been craving:
Pasta Salad!
I knew my friend loved it and I decided to put a twist on it:
normally, I use vegetable rotini but since we were throwing a Mustache Bash, I used bowtie pasta.
{I love it when my brain makes me feel smart!}
The "secret" to my pasta salad is the dressing.
I've made pasta salad for years and one I discovered
Newman's Own Family Recipe Italian dressing, I ALWAYS use it.
It truly is an absolute must for this recipe!
Here's how I do it:
It's simple but delicious. Perfect for a summer get-together.
What's your savory summer go-to recipe?
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