Monday, May 26, 2014

Popcorn Ball Favor Recipe & Printable

Since we did Candied Popcorn for Britany's baby shower,
we kept it going for guests as they left with these thank you gifts:
Decadent Popcorn Balls to go! 
I got the recipe from a while ago but it isn't here anymore.
So, this is how I do it:
I dropped them in a cellophane bag, tied each one with baker's twine, and attached a tag.
We put them in a big basket at the door for people to grab on their way out.
  The tag says,
"And though you Must Dash (mustache),
we're glad you came and hope
you had a ball. Thank you!"
I did 2: one with the words "must dash" and one without.
We couldn't decide which tag to use so I printed up equal amounts of both and we used them all.
 Party on, sweeties!
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