Wednesday, October 9, 2013

BOO! with Pumpkin Blossom Cookie Recipe

I love surprises!
A little something (any little something) can go a long way to brighten your day.
This is the time of year that my boys look forward to a BOO! surprise:
you know, when someone knocks and runs but leaves you a little yummy with a BOO! sign to hang in your window. Then you have 2 days to re-BOO! someone else. My kids love it!
Here's what we're sharing this year: 
{feel free to print and share}
attached to a quick and delicious treat:
And this is how we do it:
This is how the steps look:
This will look very familiar! I use this basic cookie recipe a lot!
{like HERE and HERE!}
And VIOLA! The finished product: 
 What's your favorite Fall treat?  
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