Saturday, October 12, 2013

Aspen Tree Kid's Craft

Sometimes I miss teaching preschool.
I don't miss the yucky noses, temper tantrums, and constant running.
I do miss the little hands, the happy giggles, and sweet smiles.
The other day I saw some stuff in my craft desk that reminded me of a fun project we did in preschool:
Paper Trees.
They're so pretty and easy to make!
We did one for every season.
This is how we do it:
You'll need: 
  •  a paper bag (we used white for aspen trees but brown for others)
  • colored tissue paper (yellow for an autumn aspen; add red and orange for other varieties or green for summer trees. You can even crumple red tissue into little balls for apples.)
  • liquid glue
  • scissors
STEP 1: Turn the folded paper bag upside-down and cut up
toward the base, making a 4-5 inch cut.
Make several cuts about a half-inch apart from edge to edge.
STEP 2: Open cut paper bag.
STEP 3: Grab bag in the middle between the cuts and the base.
STEP 4: Squeeze and twist toward the bottom of the bag to create the trunk and base of your tree.
STEP 5: Twist each individual cut piece to create branches.
STEP 6: Arrange branches by separating and re-twisting if necessary.
STEP 7: Tear small (dime-size) pieces of tissue paper for leaves.
STEP 8: On a scrap piece of paper, make a small pool of glue.
STEP 9: dip corner of "leaf" in glue.
This makes it MUCH easier to control amount of glue on a leaf. =)
STEP 10: Place glued leaf corner on branch.

Continue adding leaves until you're satisfied with the appearance of your tree.

Make several to create a forest of Fall. 

Beautifully simple!
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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Karen! They're fun to make and actually versatile. I'm glad you like them. =)

  2. Love this!! We had a fun time making ours!! Thx for the idea!

    1. YAY! I'm glad the instructions worked well enough to follow. =)
      You guys did an awesome job!