Thursday, August 21, 2014

Stick Art Tutorial

I volunteer weekly with a group of young women.
We spend our time trying to improve ourselves, discuss spiritual topics, learn how to bake or sew and laugh hysterically every chance we get!
I wanted to do something crafty last time we met and
I found this COOL pic while scrolling through Pinterest.
It was made by a talented woman for a project she was doing but there weren't any instructions.
{sniff, sniff}
So, my girls and I made it up as we went along. =)
Here's how we did it.
1- We gathered some sticks and "cut" them to varying lengths using some big wire cutters. Then we arranged them into a heart.
2- Starting at the bottom, we wrapped a low-gage wire (I got 3 rolls for $1 at Dollar Tree) around each stick, leaving some space between each tier.
3- Once one side was complete, we cut the wire and started at the top of the other half of the heart.
4- We painted them any color we wanted with acrylic paint. They dried for 30 minutes before we added a bit of baker's twine to hang them on the wall.
That's it!
It was so fun to see everyone's own spin on it.
Thanks, Ellen, for inspiring us!
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