Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Spicy Shelf Giveaway

Alright, Sweeties, let's talk organizing.
Being a mom who's employed full-time, a wanna-be blogger, and volunteers several hours a week to youth groups leaves me very little time to clean/organize my home.
My medicine cabinet has called in sick.
I'm not even showing you the other half because it fell out when I opened the door. 

My baking supplies are a hot mess.
Anyone who’s spent time searching cabinets for tiny spice jars or your little digital thermometer knows it can be frustrating!

It's the new solution that nearly doubles useable storage space while also making every spice in the cabinet easily visible. It's guaranteed to fit any size cupboard or pantry and there’s no complicated installation – simply use existing shelf pins or the included freestanding legs.
It was a snap to get my cabinets in order:
Now, it's your turn:
Spicy Shelf is giving my readers $5.00 off!
Go to and enter the promo code SPICE5
(that's a number 5, not an S).
OR . . .
Enter to win 2 Spicy Shelves of your very own by clicking here:
 a Rafflecopter giveaway
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  1. Em Mahr - I'd use the shelf to organize my spices and cookie decorating supplies.