Sunday, August 11, 2013

4 Healthy Habits {to the power of 4}

Here a 4 sets of 4 habits that will help you be healthier,
courtesy of Woman's Day.
#1- Four ways to burn more calories (without exercise!)
1-  Healthy Fats: Eat some kind of healthy fat with your breakfast to turn on your fat burners. Try 2 tbs of peanut butter on whole wheat toast or some avocado on an English muffin with a slice of cheese.
2 - Cold Water: I'm a HUGE proponent of water! Drinking two 8-ounce glasses of cold water increases metabolism by 30%! Sip some water with every meal. Add a slice of lemon for added flavor.
3 - Whole Grains: Your body uses more calories when it digests fresh foods, like whole grains. You can go half-and-half to start your transition to only whole grains: mix whole grain pasta with regular pasta; add a 1/2 cup fiber to your morning cereal.
4 - Spices: Ginger and cinnamon actually raise your body temperature so your metabolism has to speed up a bit to cool you down. Add some spice by putting 1 tsp of either ginger or cinnamon to oatmeal or smoothies.
#2 - Food Swap
1 - Swap blueberries for strawberries. Strawberries have 130% of your daily dose of vitamin C, which your body needs to burn fat.
2 - Swap hummus for Greek yogurt dip. You burn more calories digesting protein than any other nutrient and Greek yogurt has at least 10 grams per cup!
3 - Swap an 8" flour tortilla for a 6" corn tortilla. The corn version saves about 100 calories and adds 100% whole grain to your meal.
4 - Swap soy sauce for curry powder. Curry contains curcumin which helps control the hormones linked to weight gain. Soy sauce can also cause bloating.
#3 - Fun ways to burn 200 calories
1 - Shop at the mall
60 minutes
2 - Go bowling
45 minutes
3 - Hula hoop
30 minutes
4 - Play ping-pong
35 minutes
#4 - Fun ways to burn 100 calories
1 - Ice skate
15 minutes
2 - Stand while on the phone
45 minutes
3 - Bathe your dog
30 minutes
4 - Dance
15 minutes

What are you favorite ways to burn calories?
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