Thursday, February 28, 2013

Surf's Up: Wacky Hairday 'Do

I teach reading at a local elementary school. It's a fun place to work and my boys go there.
This week was Spirit Week. I usually don't indulge in all that that entails.
But this year, we had Wacky Hair Day.
How could I resist?!
I've done a 40's-style hair on regular days. I just made my Victory Rolls a little taller. =)
I used spray-on hair color to make it all blue, then added some SPLASHES of white.
 I topped it off with a little Lego surfer dude that I glued on a hair clip.
The kids at school LOVED it!
I actually enjoyed myself ( and it was easy to wash out).
Long live Wacky Hair Day!

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