Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Minecraft Love

The Minecraft craze has hit our house BIG TIME!
{How could it not, with three boys here?!}
With Valentine's Day around the corner we're getting ready for class parties.
My second-grader needed a box to hold all of his valentines and he wanted Minecraft!
Here's what I came up with:
For those of you (ME!) who aren't familiar with Minecraft, this character is named Herobrine.

I started with a 12x13 shoe box.
Next, I wrapped it in Christmas paper, backwards.
I wrapped the lid separately.
I proceeded to mark squares ALL OVER the entire thing.
Then I used a pic I found on the internet to mark the color each square needed to be.
I mixed some paints I already had to get the right colors. Then I used a sponge brush and painted square by square. I did every other square in opposite directions (one up & down, one side to side).
We cut out the mouth for the valentines to go in.
I let it dry overnight, just to be safe.
Then we put it together and VIOLA!

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