Friday, April 24, 2015

BRENiac Science: Sparks of Steel

What will happen when our Breniac touches steel wool with a battery?
 You only need some steel wool and a 9-volt battery for this project.
We could find any plain steel wool so we bought some SOS pads and soaked them until the soap had dissolved. Let dry completely. Make sure you're getting steel wool, not stainless steel.
 Remember to tag #BRENiacScience when you try this so we can share in the fun!
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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Mother's Day Printable

Here's a sweet little print you can give to the amazing mothers in your life.
My mom is all of those things.
I love you, Mom!
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Friday, April 17, 2015

BRENiac Science: Buzzy Straws

Welcome back to BRENiac Science!
Today's project is
All you need for this project are some plain 'ole plastic straws and a pair of scissors.
Let's watch the fun! 
Remember to tag #BRENiacScience when you post your results on social media
so we can share in the fun!

See you next time on
Breniac Science!
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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Happy Sunday: Armies of Heaven

Today I'm reminding myself of truth;
not just for me,
but for the people I love most.
Happy Sunday, sweeties.
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Friday, April 10, 2015

BRENiac Science: Light 'em Up!

Welcome back to BRENiac Science!
Today's experiment is called
 All you need for this experiment is some matches, a candle and
something to hold the candle up (a piece of bread works perfectly!).

Let's see what happens! 
Tag #BRENiacScience when you post your results on social media so we can share in the fun!

See you next time on
Breniac Science!
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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Plan Your Summer with POGO Pass

Have you heard of  POGO Pass?
Get ready for serious fun! Just look at all the amazing places you can go with POGO Pass:
for Sugar Blossoms readers!!
You'll need to get one pass per person. They recommend buying passes for everyone ages 2 and older  (a few venues may charge for babies, but most do not)
The pass is good for 12 months from when you purchase it
Once you purchase the pass, you will receive an email right away that has your pass and it can be used immediately (you can print it off or just take a picture of it on your smart phone so  they can scan the barcode).
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Friday, April 3, 2015

BRENiac Science: Color Expolsion . . . . in a plate

Introducing my little dude, Brennan, and his
science experiments for kids!
We're so excited to bring you this video series!
We're hoping to post one every week for you and your kids.
Today's experiment is COLOR EXPLOSION
 . . . . in a plate. =)
Let's watch!
Tag #BRENiacScience when you post your results on social media so we can share in the fun!
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Monday, March 30, 2015

It's Great to be Eight

"It's Great to be Eight" is a baptism preview for children turning 8
This passport-themed night will make it all the more memorable!
While listening to a talk about the importance passports when traveling, the Primary president in our ward (church group) came up with this idea to have a passport-themed night for the children turning 8 years old.
Since I am the Sunday school teacher for that age group, I was happy to help put it together.
I started by scouring Pinterest for ideas (check out my board here).
I also took a picture of each student to put on their "passport".
{This adorable darling's mom works with I Heart Naptime and
gave me permission to use the items I created for her daughter.}

I found a PDF passport at and just tweaked it for our purposes.
{Print them here}
We had them printed double-sided at a UPS store.

I made these postcard invitations and had 4x6's printed at's one-hour photo.
You'll find a blank PDF version HERE that you can use to put your own info on the lines.
The fonts I used are Academy Engraved and Meddon. The font for the giant number 8 is called Cast Iron.

We used old-world d├ęcor: trunks, maps, globes, pillars, etc. to decorate the room.
I basically packed up my house and brought it to church!

We set up a table outside the main room for the programs and personalized passports.

I made 5 banners with my Silhouette Cameo.
Since a silhouette will cut any font, I use wingding fonts to create banners.
The "WELCOME" banner is made from KG A Little Swag font with Cast Iron letters.
I backed them with some world map paper I found at my local JoAnn store.

 The other banners are made with the KG Flavor And Frames Four font's lower case "e" since it's represented by a pennant. I put 2 pennants per 12x12 page, one pointing up and one pointing down.
I taped jute to the back to string them up.

We covered the chalkboards with navy material to hide the stuff behind it without taking it down.
I taped together the small side triangles that were left to make pennants for the banners to decorate the tables we used for refreshments.

I made a cupcake topper to match the postcard and program.
{Print a sheet of 2-inch cupcake toppers here.}

To bring the passport theme into play, we set up a small customs table where the children could get their passports stamped.
My bestie, Brit (also in the Primary presidency, has TONS of stamps from Close to My Heart.
We went through them and chose stamps that we thought represented the topic of the 5 speakers for the evening. After each speaker finished their talk, the children lined up at the stamp station for Brit to stamp their passport.

It was so fun to watch the children's faces as they learned and then earned each stamp in their passport.
I hope this helps make your event

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