Monday, May 16, 2016

5 Ways to Save with the AZ Pogo Pass this Summer

My family had a blast this past year with POGO Pass! Here are some great ways you can play:

1 -Sunsplash! We all need a way to cool down this summer and Sunsplash is the perfect way to do it! Every Pogo Pass holder receives one FREE admission to Sunsplash Water Park which is a $30 value for adults and $20 for kids. Go to Sunsplash and one other Pogo Pass venue, and the pass has already paid for itself ($40 with discount) making everything else FREE!

2 - Indoor Fun! Check out all the indoor venues that will keep you and your kids having fun and out of the sweltering heat. Go skating at Skateland for free every month, or do some laser tag, climb the rock wall at the Play Factory, or create crafts at the IDEA Museum. You won’t run out of air conditioned venues this summer with your Pogo Pass. 

3 - Date Nights! The kids shouldn’t be the only ones having fun this summer! Get out of the house with your spouse and have some FREE fun with the Pogo Pass. Skip the usual movie and go rock climbing for FREE at the Phoenix Rock Gym, enjoy some fun competition with a game of paintball, or have a blast riding rides at Castles N’ Coasters.  

4 - Birthdays! Do you have any summer birthdays? Want to treat your kids and visit a fun place on their special day? Use the Pogo Pass and get in free at Makutu’s Island or Enchanted Island.  Maybe they’d like to do bowling or glow golf for their birthday activity. There are so many options that are sure to please any child.

5 - 12 Months of Fun! Even when the summer has ended, your Pogo Pass is good for 12 months from purchase, and can be used to have fun all year! You can look forward to Diamondbacks Games, trips to the Phoenix Zoo and much more, and it’s all FREE with your Pogo Pass! Each pass has over $1000 value and you can get yours for only $40 with promo code AZBLOSSOM

*One Pogo Pass per person and is not transferable (each is personalized with name)

*Pogo Passes are good for 12 months from purchase date

*Passes are recommended for ages 2 and older as that is when most venues begin charging admission.

*Once purchased online, your Pogo Pass is available to use immediately.

*To use your pass, just log into your account and bring up your pass on smart phone or print off pass and show at venue and they will scan it. Some venues require pre-registration.

* All admissions are FREE, not discounted, FREE!

The AZ Pogo Pass currently offers:

Castles N’ Coasters- 1 visit

Diamondbacks- 2 games

AZ Rattlers- 3 games

Air Time Jump Centers- 2 visits

Idea Museum- 2 visits

Makutu’s Island- 2 visits

Skateland- 2 visits/month

Stratum Laser Tag- 2 visits

Enchanted Island- 4 visits

Sunsplash- 1 visit

Fat Cats- 1 Game Glow Golf/week, 1 Game Bowling/month  

Phoenix Zoo- 2 visits

The Play Factory- 3 visits

Phoenix Rock Gym- 2 visits

Tempe Paintball- 1 visit/month

Phoenix Mercury- 3 games

Sun Devil Athletics- Multiple Sports
Each Pogo Pass is valued at over $1000!
Get yours for ONLY $40 with promo code AZBLOSSOM. 
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