Monday, September 8, 2014

My Top 10 5K Mud Run Tips

With the weather cooling down, 5K runs are heating up!
Their popularity has grown in the past few years.
I did my first mud run in the spring and loved it!
Here's what I learned:
Let's break it down!
1. train first!
Make sure you get in several weeks of running before-hand.
There are several apps you can download to get you on your way. I use Couch-to-5K
2. grab a buddy
It makes all the difference to have someone join you on this journey.
You'll keep each other going AND keep each other accountable.
Plus you'll have someone to talk to at the event. =)
3. wear junky shoes
You will get filthy; like you've never been filthy before.
Some runs have a recycling program that will clean up and donate your shoes.
4. wear gloves
The obstacles are built to provide difficulty, splinters included.
5. cover your hair
Your hair is not exempt for the mayhem.
I wore a bandanna and put my hair up in knots to keep out the mud.
Gun Show not included. =)
 ^^ see why I call my husband The Stud?! ^^
6. wear sunscreen
 It takes a while to get through those 3 miles when you're running with hundreds of other people!
Make sure you're protected with at least SPF 50.
7. bring a couple towels
Clean up isn't all that clean. In hindsight, I should have brought
one towel to dry off with and one to protect my car seat on the way home.
8. glide through the mud pit
Don't try to crawl or push through with your feet.
The fastest way to get through a mud pit is to pull yourself forward with your hands while your feet and legs remain still.
9. buy the shirt
You'll be SO PROUD of what you've accomplished!
Get the souvenir shirt so you can show it off. =)
10. wear light-weight and snug clothing
Besides the fact that you're running and will be thoroughly drenched in sweat, the mud has a tendency to elongate all your clothing. You'll have a good 3 pounds of mud clinging to you.
Most of all,
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