Tuesday, November 26, 2013

DIY Thanksgiving Acorns

Nothing like the last minute to get me in gear!
We moved last weekend and my house is still a disaster
but I REALLY wanted to make these
DIY Thanksgiving Acorns.
I finally carved out some time . . . just before the big day!
They're super simple!
You'll need: a glue gun, some plastic Easter eggs, chalkboard paint, and jute.
Paint the eggs according to the directions on the paint bottle.
{FYI: mine took 24 hours to set.} 
Starting just above the center line of the egg, glue jute around and around the wider end of the egg, until you come to the top.
Cut the jute about 1/4 inch up, creating a little stem.

You can add designs or write guest's names with chalk and use them as a place-card.
{NOTE: Don't push too hard when writing or you'll scratch the paint.}
I thought it would be extra fun to add a personalized note inside for your loved-one;
kind of like a ridiculously adorable Thanksgiving fortune cookie. =)

How are you welcoming your holiday guests?
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