Tuesday, December 10, 2013

DIY: Candy Cane Wreath

Today I'm sharing a quick and easy Christmas craft that looks fabulous!
My friend Vicki introduced me to the finished product via Pinterest.
The problem: no instructions! Every single picture I click on is simply a photo.
So if this is your idea, thank you for sharing and please let me know so I can give you mad props for this stroke of genius!
So here's how we did it:
1- Gather 18 candy canes, hot glue, ribbon, and various baubles & trinkets.
2- Put a line of hot glue down the back of a candy cane.
3- Put the hot glued side against the back of another candy cane. Pair up all 18 this way.
4: Glue the base and crooks of each pair to another pair.
5- Continue gluing until they meet back where you started.
6- Decorate with glittery doo-dads and add a ribbon for hanging. VIOLA!!
This is so simple that my 9-year-old made one all on his own.
If you'd like something a little more intricate,
Let me know how yours turns out!
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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! It was fun to make, especially with my little dude. =)

  2. This might be a really stupid question but did you unwrap the candy canes first? It looks beautiful, thanks for the instructions!

  3. No question is stupid! I should have put it in the instructions but, no, I didn't unwrap them first. Ain't nobody got time for 'dat! :)