Saturday, September 7, 2013

My Sweet Feet Secret

I don't know about you but my feet take a beating!
I ask them to take me everywhere and they do; they never get a break.
To add to my poor feet's woes is the fact that I live in Phoenix,
where Mother Nature has perpetual PMS.
It's friggin' hot here!!
This was yesterday. It's September for cryin' out loud!
What makes it even worse is my slight shoe fetish; I own over 40 pairs.
I especially love heels.
But I also {heart} my feet. =)

I don't like that sweaty, sticky, smelly,
"my foot is stuck to the inside of my shoe and I can no longer walk like normal person without some serious effort" feeling.
But I'm not a nylons type of girl.
I can't see ^^these babies^^ looking any better on my feet than the do in the store.
 The ones on the right look especially special. HA!
So here's how I keep my feet su-WEET!
Baby Powder!
I just sprinkle it in my shoes,
shake it around a bit,
and VIOLA!
I'm ready to roll! 
The powder keeps my feet dry no matter how sweaty the rest of me gets. It also completely eliminates that uncomfortable "stuck-to-the-shoe" feeling that happens after wearing them for 10 hours. I also use it when I wear flats; it's versatile like that. ;)
Yep, I {heart} my feet.
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  1. You have cute feet, and with baby powder I bet they even smell good!

    1. And you have cute ankles! No wonder we're friends!