Sunday, September 29, 2013

Halloween: Thrift Store Style!

We love holidays at our house!
Everyone's favorite is Christmas but my husband LOVES Halloween!!
I learned really fast that I needed to plan ahead for costumes.
When our boys were younger they were always superheroes but
The Stud likes to be a little more creative.
And for my budget,
creative = Thrift Store!
Here's how we've done Halloween over the years. 
2005: Bob Barker & a Barker's Beauty (circa 1975)
This year, I got The Stud's suit, shoes, and my dress for a grand total of only $7.00!
 2006: Trailer Trash
This year I splurged a little to keep it "authentic" (The Stud is actually wearing a DDD girdle with beach balls up top!!) but I still kept it under $20!
2007: Rocky & Adrian
The Stud LOVES Rocky so we dressed as Rocky & Adrian.
(Sorry for it's crummy. We didn't take any pics that year, so I had to grab some stills from a video.)
His costume was only a couple bucks and I snagged a su-WEET polyester pantsuit for $12.00!
2008: The 60's
I got lucky this year because I actually had this little number hanging in my closet!
It's actually my mom's from way back and she let me borrow it.
We got The Stud's outfit (including shoes) for around $8.
2009: The King & Queen
The Stud does an excellent Elvis impression so he had to be The King!
I shopped my closet again that year and recycled a bridesmaid dress
so I could match his royal status. =)
Total that year= $12.
 2010: MacGyver & Jasmine
Yes, I know they have nothing to do with each other.
Yes, I know we look fabulous anyway.
This year didn't cost a single penny!
The Stud used clothes he already had and a wig we picked up years ago on clearance.
He made his "bomb" out of paper towel rolls and electrical tape.
My mom made my costume for me back in high school for a choir number
and she happened to hang on to it. SCORE!
Thanks Mom!
2011: Confucius
You would be amazed at the random things you can find at a thrift store!
We came across this mask for $6 and had to build a costume around it.
The hat was also $5 but the robe was only $3. Woot woot!
The Stud rocked that $14 like nobody's business!
2012: The Hobo
I was so busy this time last year that Halloween snuck up on me.
I was completely unprepared.
But Big D has learned from his father and whipped out this costume in no time.
Not a penny spent but he won a costume contest at church!
Total: $0
I'm planning on hitting the stores this week to check out costumes for this year.
How do you do Halloween?
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  1. LOVE IT, you guys are so creative and adorable! We love Halloween too, got to get to work on costumes for the fam. If you want a friend to hit the thrift stores with, call me!

    1. We need to do something together soon; we might as well check this off our to-do lists at the same time! =)

  2. Fun ideas! My hubs is not a fan of dressing up so I don't do it very often but I love it so maybe I should do it more. BTW you would look hot as a blond, have you ever been that light?!

    1. Haha! I actually had super blonde highlights once but The Stud was not a fan. Plus, they were high maintenance!