Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Octopus Hideout at SEA*LIFE Aquarium

My boys and I loved every minute of our latest adventure at SEA*LIFE Aquarium!
We visited the new Octopus Hideout.

 Only 2 of my boys were able to come since my Middle Man had an appointment but
my Big Guy and my Little Dude had a blast!
 We were greeted by smiling faces and given scuba masks and passports for stamps.
^^^ I LOVE this new addition! ^^^
 The animals are amazing!
I love that my kids and I can experience seeing
(and sometimes touching!)
creatures we never even knew existed. 
 Everywhere we turned there was something beautiful or wondrous or new.
 I always find it so peaceful there.
The passports were so fun for my boys!
Numbered stamp stations are located throughout the aquarium like a treasure hunt.
The boys were rewarded for filling out their "passport" with a SEA*LIFE medal!
The highlight of our visit was the new Octopus Hideout.
Loki, the Giant Pacific Octopus, has a beautiful new home.
She's graceful and mysterious and beautiful;
I would totally take her home!
 We watched her for a long time!
 She's always been one of my favorites.
 She was a little overwhelmed with the crowd and
changed colors form her brilliant red to near white and hid in a corner.
She's amazing!
 My boys always love going to the SEA*LIFE Aquarium!
 There's a little something for everyone, no matter the age.
Now it's your turn!
SEA*LIFE is offering Sugar Blossoms readers a discount on tickets.
The Octopus Hideout is a traveling exhibit and
will be on display at SEA*LIFE Arizona through the rest of 2015.
 Say 'hi' to Loki for us!
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