Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt

We got to have some SWEET holiday fun! Some friends of ours found a great idea on Pinterest (source) for a Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt. They challenged us to a competition tonight! You each get a list, pick an unfamiliar area, set your timers for 30 minutes and GO!
{DISCLAIMER: My photos are bad! Some of them are with my regular camera, some are on my phone, and several were taken while moving since my competitive husband wouldn't slow down! (: }
Here's our list and what we found:
1 - A Nativity Scene

2 - A yard with at least 5 reindeer

3 - A house lit with only white lights

4 - The Grinch ~ We couldn't find a Grinch but if anyone else is looking, COME TO OUR HOUSE!

5 - Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer ( I promise that's him!)

6 - Giant Candy

7 - A snowman with a top hat

8 - Christmas music playing

9 - Disney characters~ This was a lot harder to find than we were expecting! All we got was Pooh Bear.

10 - A decorated mailbox~ also very hard to find in Phoenix where most mailboxes are in huge stacks in the heart of the neighborhood.

11 - Snoopy~ there were several of these!

12 - A white Christmas tree

13 - Mr. & Mrs. Claus (Apparently not a very common item! The one we found was teeny tiny.)

14 - Blinking lights

15 - A yard with 3 inflatables

16 - A train
17 - Blue icicle lights

18 - A camel {We couldn't find a camel either! WHAT?! Where IS your Christmas spirit, people?!}

19 - Santa on a roof
20 - An angel
It was SO much fun! Next year, we want to get several couples/families involved and split up around town.

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